Chief Commercial Officer to conquer Europe (closed for new applications)

Job description

Our new chief commercial officer will be someone who can lead our teams to commercial success. She is a natural networker with personal skills that attract success. Someone who can inspire, lead and recruit high performing sales teams, but also someone who combines an analytical approach with thorough execution. Does this sound interesting? Please, keep on reading, because we are looking for you!

We now have a sales team of 6 people. 4 in the Netherlands, 1 in Belgium and 1 in Spain, which we expect to double in the year to come. You will be recruiting and leading those teams to success. First of all by motivating and inspiring your team members to get the best out of themselves. Secondly, an important task is to optimize the sales processes, as we run a high volume business with >400 clients. We have our business intelligence under control, meaning that you can steer on data and insights.

Over the years to come we will be rolling out to 2 new countries every year. Together with Jan Pieter (CEO) you will determine which markets to enter and how they will be approached. Local sales teams will be recruited for each country. You will travel a lot to recruit, train and guide those teams. It’s not just about direct sales, you also steer marketing to put together impactful campaigns. Good storytelling by our marketing team will make the job of the sales team easier.

To understand the market thoroughly, you will need to actively get involved and dive into our clients’ processes and needs. You are always on the lookout for new business opportunities. By now we have decent volumes going through our software (>200,000 unique address designs per year), which offers many additional opportunities. Few players know as much about the solar market as we do. We can integrate with distributors, collaborate with manufacturers or organise events with local trade organizations. There are many roads to pursue but we only have limited resources and you need to find the best focus. No worries, some pursued road will lead to nothing, but that’s OK.

Job requirements

First, let’s talk about the specific skills and experience. If you are our ideal candidate you:

  • Are experienced in setting up and leading sales teams. You combine a personal and inspirational approach with a no-nonsense performance driven style.
  • Know how to structure a sales process, tailor a customer journey and improve the results with a data-driven approach.
  • Have the ability to thoroughly understand clients’ needs and negotiate deals in a ‘consultative selling’ style. Clients should be excited about working with you and trust you to deliver good value for them.
  • Know how to process an abundance of information and translate this into achievable business opportunities. Therefore you use an analytical approach and have a good understanding of the drivers in a business plan.
  • You are a natural networker. You attract people and know how to motivate and inspire. If needed you know how to get your foot in the door, and people love you for it.
  • You are  aware of cultural differences between countries and have the ability to adapt your style whenever required.

In terms of personality, as our ideal candidate:

  • Has an entrepreneurial mindset. You like to be thrown in the deep, are creative and have an exceptional determination to get things done. It’s the results that matter.
  • Likes the vibes of a scaling company, in which it will sometimes feel like a rollercoaster. You don’t like status or hierarchy, and are respectful to colleagues and partners. You won’t get a personal assistant, nor a private office. Instead, you get loads of appreciation, love and champagne ;)
  • Is a good laugh, is fun to work with, colleagues wouldn’t mind to spend a week on the road with you.
  • Loves to work in a high performance environment. We have a mission and we are ambitious, we’re not here to faff about.