Full Stack Engineer (not actively hiring)

Job description

(Please note that we are not actively hiring for this position. We will keep all applications for when another similar vacancy opens up)

Initially you will spend a fair amount of time on the frontend. We are building lots of new and exciting features that need either completely new pages or sections in our app, or that need some rework to fit in. This will be in close collaboration with Casper, our Head of Product who is responsible for UX and UI design.

You will be in a team of 2 or 3 people working on a project for 6 weeks. In such a team we strive to balance front and backend work of course and thus we see most value and fun in people that can switch between the two where necessary. It just makes your life easier if you don’t depend on someone else to make changes to an endpoint when you need more data, hence the full-stackyness of this position.

What you will work on is diverse. Not only do we have 2 main products, each with different areas and relations to solar systems, we also have multiple different user groups! Our applications have touch points for both business users that use our software daily, as well as endconsumers that are usually actually customers of those businesses.

You can read all about how we work and more details about this position here.

The salary bandwith for this position is €3000-€4000/m gross. On top of that there is 8% of holiday pay, an allowance for new hardware and a 4% learning budget.

Job requirements

Well, you can write Javascript for starters. As important as coding itself however is your attitude towards colleagues and learning. We are looking for someone who is eager to improve, not too shy to ask any type of question and who can communicate well in writing. The reason for this is that we work remotely a lot (we did quite so before corona, but now practically 100%).

Back to the coding part, we don’t expect a decade of experience, but we do like to see someone who has some experience overseeing a bit more than just a todo application. Once you get up to speed you will “own” a part of our app (together with a buddy) to keep it in good shape and improve it.

Required skills

  • You can write Javascript for the front- and backend.
  • You are well versed with HTML & CSS.
  • You have at least some professional experience in another programming language.
  • You are eager to learn Python if you don’t know it yet.
  • You can clearly outline your thoughts about a technical solution in written form (and diagrams are always a bonus!)
  • You actively engage with others to optimize processes and reduce bottlenecks.

Nice to have skills

  • You might have experience with interactive (3d) graphics, possibly using WebGL.
  • You might have experience with Geographic Information Systems.
  • You might have experience with TypeScript.