Head of Finance and Analytics (closed for new applications)

Job description

Do you love diving into data and creating insights? As head of finance and analytics you control and analyse the numbers of Solar Monkey. You are responsible for creating insights, dashboards and forecasts that help our teams make the right decisions. To do so, you are also responsible for checking and controlling our financial accounts. Your voice is key in choosing the right strategy, and sometimes you may have to pull the brakes to keep us in steady waters. You have a strong vote in the management team when it comes to financial decisions. 

The challenge and responsibilities that await you:

First of all you will make sure that our financial books are in order. Invoicing and bookkeeping are done by Anton and his team (external), You steer, guide and check that this is done in such a way that you can get the required insights.

Cash is king and our cash flow forecasting is very important. We work with an advanced Excel file that models the prognosis for the different markets we operate in. It uses all the business drivers, ranging from cost parameters to acquisition costs and staffing strategy. As we will be rolling out to 2 new countries every year, we will be learning many lessons. Your challenge is to continuously take learnings and further insights in a forward looking cash flow forecast that ties in with our business plan. It’s not just your analytical skills that are important, your voice needs to be often heard. Your insights and advice are key; every now and then you might need to pull our overoptimistic CEO back in his plans ;) Don’t worry, he will appreciate you for it!

Furthermore you generate business insights from our data. These are presented in useful dashboards, for which we currently use PowerBI. These analyses and dashboards help the teams in making the right decisions. Think about client segment analyses, impact of marketing campaigns, acquisition costs per client type, etc. Understanding those metrics properly is key for optimization. Also we can take learnings from one country to the other and make the best decisions for future growth.

Job requirements

What sort of skills and personality do we expect

First, let’s talk about the specific skills and experience. If you are our ideal candidate you:

  • Have experience in business modelling.
  • Are an expert in Excel. 
  • Have a good understanding of data structuring and know your way around in dashboarding tools. (We currently work with PowerBI but experience with other tools should give you sufficient skills)
  • Love to tackle complex problems and know how to chunk them up into sizable parts
  • Can present problems and solutions with razor sharp clarity.
  • Just to be clear: you don't need much financial accounting experience. We are more looking for an analist with some financial knowledge, than the other way around.

In terms of personality, as our ideal candidate you:

  • Love to get to the bottom of an analytical challenge. You might get stuck one day in the knowledge that you might get to the solutions the next day.
  • Have an exceptional determination to get things done. It’s the results that matter.