HTML/CSS Quote Template Developer (not actively hiring)

Job description

Perfect part-time job that to combine with study!

With Solar Monkey software, solar panel installers can design a solar panel system within minutes. The end result is a slick quote that they can share with their potential clients. For them it is the most important document in the sales process. For many clients we are building tailor made templates, either as online web pages or as PDF documents.

We are looking for someone (parttime) that can help us build those templates. The documents are created using HTML and CSS. Specific designs and wishes will be delivered by our clients, which you then convert to a pretty webpage or document. Sometimes you have direct contact with clients to discuss their needs and convert their wishes into a nice looking quote.

The work is based on the number of requests we get. Normally we expect 15-20 hours a week. Working from home is of course possible, but we also have a nice office in the Hague across the street from NOI station. We offer a great deal of flexibility and the job can ideally be combined with study. In return, we expect some flexibility from your side in times that the workload is higher and we need to deliver for our clients.

You will be offered a parttime contract for flexible hours (nul uren contract). We can offer an hourly rate of €15-€20 per hour, depending on your skillset.

Job requirements

  • Fluent in Dutch and English. 
  • Experience with designing in HTML and CSS:
    • Know how html elements behave as blocks, inlines, floating and flex.
    • Understand the CSS specificity hierarchy.
  • Understanding of basic programming structures like if else statements and for loops.
  • Basic editing of images (crop, scale, make transparent)
  • Good eye for detail and design.
  • Decent communication skills that allow you to professionally and timely communicate with clients.

Basically if you have some experience in building nicely looking websites and you are nice person, you will be fit for the job!