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Not just another Customer Support Representative – Germany job

RemoteNetherlands, Zuid-Holland, Den HaagOperations

Job description

That’s right: this is not just another CSR vacancy written up in the language of HR and Marketing departments everywhere. This is just as well, because me and your future colleagues are not simply looking for ‘just another person’.

This will be a bit of a read so go on and grab a coffee first.


Ok here we go 

Who are we? 

We are the Operations Department at Solar Monkey. Our company is trying to make the world a greener place by allowing installers to design solar systems quickly and accurately through our software solution. I could talk for hours about the company but I would advise you to check out our website instead and read up on all the cool stuff we do. Ideally our customers know exactly how our software works and are fully self-sufficient. Additionally, ideally our developers are perfect code writers and bugs never happen. However, if you are the professional I hope you are then you know that this is not how the world works. Sometimes, customers get stuck and bugs pop up. This is where we come in: when things go wrong, there is always us. We are rather good at what we do too: our satisfaction scores are consistently around 95%. I challenge you to try and improve it even further if you can.

That’s nice but what is this job about?

As CSR you join our Support department. Our customers have the option to send chats or call us and they will find you on the other side. You work in the software itself, helping customers with their projects, answering their questions and providing them with advice, tips & tricks. You only have two other colleagues doing this same job so what you do will have an immediate impact on how our service is perceived overall. There will be exciting days and challenging new things to learn, however much of your time will be spent doing these activities. Then again, it is not the entirety of your job. When a problem occurs with the software, you are likely the first person to find out due to your proximity to the users. It then falls to you to raise the alarm, mobilise the Development department for a fix and inform Sales staff in the field of what is happening whilst you are also trying to keep customers informed of the progress. This can be a challenging task so you need to be able keep a cool head and have trust in your colleagues. 

Internally you will find in time that the knowledge base you build up as part of our team is highly desired. Product Managers may consult you when they want to know how a certain functionality is perceived by customers, or if you believe if a new functionality they wish to launch really covers all the bases they wanted to cover. In this you really act as the voice of the customer and they will expect your honest input. Likewise, Sales will reach out regularly for assistance when customers ask particularly technical questions about certain parts of the software. Your job therefore is not simply to do ‘just another CSR’ job. Instead I expect you to act as a partner -not an assistant- to other functions in the company and provide them with your help and insights when needed.

Where does Germany come in?

We recently expanded into the German market. We are still learning about the needs and wants of our German customers. This is where I need you to be sharp. The market is new, our Sales staff are new and our service is new too. I expect you to team up with your German colleagues and help gather the information we need to become number one in Germany. Your input may influence the product roadmap and help define our German service strategy. Of course, I’m not looking for ‘just another CSR’ to do this. In fact I am looking to you to bring something with you that I do not yet have in my team: a thorough understanding of German service culture. You understand German customers. This means that either you are German or have worked in the market to such an extent that you might as well be one of them. And because we strive to provide a high service level, your German language skills are near perfect. Additionally, once you are up and running I will hand you the responsibility for setting up our German help pages & resources and keeping them relevant and up to date.


What else should I know about this job?

Whenever the German market quiets down you will assist in any of the other markets. Since we have a lot of Dutch customers, if you have mastery of the Dutch language then this would be a massive plus. By the way: no knowledge of coding is required. Only the right service mindset. Our customers are not developers either.

Still interested?

Yes this sounds super exciting!

If this is how you feel I’ll be looking forward to talk to you. However when you work for me I will expect you to be honest. In turn I will be honest with you as well: I cannot promise you that every single day will be an exciting journey towards making the world a better place, full of happy fireworks and opportunities to make big impacts. Of course, you as a service professional already know from experience that ‘excitement’ in customer service is not necessarily a good thing in any case. 

What I can promise you though is this:
  • Some of the most committed team members you are likely to work with. There are no sheep here
  • Some of the most fun company events you will likely be a part of
  • An opportunity to help build and shape a growing company
  • A flat management culture where e.g. the CEO really will invite you to offer your opinion. He will listen to it too. 
  • We will provide you with a Macbook and you can work anywhere you want as long as you are online during the hours we need you to be
  • A healthy amount of freedom to be able to decide how you approach the job. If I hire you it is because I’m confident you are a good fit for the job and you don’t need me to micromanage you
  • Be part of the Green Economy and explain to your family members during birthday parties why the panels on their roof should probably have been installed differently for better effect
  • When we hit a crisis, you have the opportunity to once again remind our customers why they were so happy with our service in the first place. This is where you can rise up, make a name for yourself and really make a direct impact
  • Pretty awesome opportunities for internal advancement depending on your attitude & aptitude. Some of your predecessors have gone on to join Sales and even Development

There’s also this:
  • 25 holidays excluding National Bank Holidays
  • On top of the salary: Stock Appreciation Rights
  • A training budget of 4% of your annual salary

You said this wouldn’t be a Marketing story but really, isn’t that exactly what this is?

Critical thinking. Good, I like you already. Why don’t you find out for yourself. Call us at +31 (0)70 701 3460, choose Tech Support and speak to a random team member. If you are a recruiter: I appreciate what you are trying to do but please do not call unless you want to apply yourself. 

Who am I? Check out my profile here:

I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you  

Job requirements

  • You are native in German and fluent English in word and writing. Dutch, Spanish or French are an advantage.
  • Experience as a (technical) support employee is good, attitude is better.
  • You can explain (software) clearly and concisely, at least in writing.
  • You have an eye for detail.
  • You are helpful and patient.
  • You dare to take responsibility and you can explain your choices clearly.
  • You can multitask and change tasks quickly.
  • You are able and willing to work full-time.
Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, Den Haag


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