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Product Manager

Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, Den Haag€3,500 - €4,000 per monthEngineering

Job description

Would you love to help Solar Monkey in the acceleration of the energy transition to renewable energies? Are you interested in a sophisticated and complex SaaS product? Is it important for you to grow in your job and get a lot of opportunities to do so? And is your dream job at a fun, international scale-up company?

This job might be it!

Solar Monkey is looking for a Product Manager that knows her or his way around a technical context. You'll start with a very intensive training to get you up to speed in our niche of solar system engineering. After that, you will start your job as product manager. At Solar Monkey this means making sure that our solutions are valuable to our customers, feasible to build and viable for our business.

Being in the scale up phase, the development team at Solar Monkey is currently growing from one to multiple product teams. Each team is empowered to “own” their area of our app. This means that:

  • The team will be knowledgeable about their domain (for example: PV design, PV business cases, monitoring)

  • The team is multidisciplinary (including frontend, backend, testing, product management)

  • The team is outcome driven: it is aimed at achieving results, not just pushing out features.

  • The team works agile: we work iteratively with a strong focus on learning.

See general introduction about the product team here

You will be the product manager of one of those teams.

We are looking for someone that is eager to improve. This means an open attitude towards feedback and changing the workings of yourself and your team. Being a fast growing scale-up, our company is not perfect and we expect someone to be pragmatic and flexible. You will of course have to deal with several stakeholders inside the company, like sales, operations and finance.

Your job will be to:

  • Solve the assigned problems, in ways that our customers love, yet that work for our business!

  • Do user research (analyze analytics and perform user interviews).

  • Produce product specifications written in posts, pitches and managing a high over backlog.

  • Make sure your team focuses on delivering value (outcomes, not output).

  • Promote an agile mindset within the team.

  • Evangelise your product area; align with internal stakeholders; gather relevant feedback and discuss opportunities.

Also, your role might include:

  • Making some rough UI sketches, (We have a UX designer but servicing multiple teams)

  • Quality assurance of the work that is delivered by the team. (We have a QA college for multiple teams atm.)

  • Release management for your team (this is not a dedicated role (yet)).

But what makes working at Solar Monkey a unique experience?

It's very simple! We believe that work should be fun. A happy and satisfied team is our number one priority. Our culture can be characterized as informal, no-nonsense and pleasantly warm. Our working environment is dynamic, has a clear structure and short communication lines. We are a close-knit team, where everyone works together with mutual respect. Thinking along and showing initiative is strongly encouraged in everybody, because we do it together! We like to have a lot of fun together, not just during our strategy days or events, but also on regular working days. Working in a team is just as natural for us as generating solar energy.

And what would be in it for you?

  • A competitive salary of €3500 - €4000 gross depending on experience

  • On top of the salary: a profit share (SARs) allowing you to benefit from Solar Monkey growth

  • A training budget of 4% of your annual salary

  • A challenging journey within an ambitious scale-up. Tons of responsibilities and a good bunch of people to celebrate successes with.

  • A hybrid friendly culture. The flexibility to work where and when it fits you best and a budget to set up your workspace at home

  • Monthly social events and quarterly strategy days

What will the application process look like?


Please apply here with a cover letter that describes:

  • Who you are.

  • Why you? What will you bring to Solar Monkey?

  • Why this job post and not another?

  • What relevant (for us) work you have done. Preferably something you are excited about.

Please limit to 500 words.

Phone screen

If your application is clear and seems to match what we have in mind, we will call you for a short (20m) phone call. If it isn’t, we will let you know by email, if possible with some helpful feedback on why we don’t see a match.

1 hour interview

This is a remote interview with two people from our side. We will discuss your background and experience and leave some room for questions from your side.

Take home study

In preparation for the final interview we ask you to spend a maximum of 4 hours on an exercise that a) gives us more insight into how you approach a bit more advanced problem. And how you communicate about your solution. It also serves as the content for the following 2 hour interview.

2 hour interview

In this (real-life or remote) session you will present your take on the exercise. One hour for you to showcase how you work. Think: presenting your ideas on the assignment or organize a short workshop. The second hour is to reflect on the results and the application process so far.


Finally, both you and us will have a good understanding of how well you match with this job at Solar Monkey. We will discuss the final contract terms and agree on an offer. We will try to move fast in this last stage so you (and potential other candidates) will not be uncertain about the process for too long.

Job requirements

We are looking for someone that:

  • Has several years experience as a product manager or product owner of digital products.

  • Has (some) experience with qualitative and quantitative user research.

  • Has an agile mindset and can show experience with incremental delivery.

  • Is result driven and likes working with objectives and key results (OKR’s). You know how to formulate sensible key results for products and how to measure them.

  • Excellent speaking and writing skills in English. You will need to be able to speak to stakeholders, structure thoughts and write requirements.

  • Strong communication and presentation skills. You will need to tell stories to align team members and stakeholders.

  • Lives in / close to the Netherlands.

  • You will meet regularly with stakeholders / colleges in our headquarters in the Hague. Also, you need to be able to meet customers face to face.

  • Has basic design skills to make some rough user interface sketches.

    Don't hesitate!

    Research shows that while men apply to jobs if they meet ~60% of criteria, women and those in traditionally underrepresented groups tend to apply only if they check all the boxes. So, if you think you have what it takes, but don't meet every single point above, please still get in touch. We'd love to have a chat and see if you could be a great fit. 

Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, Den Haag
€3,500 - €4,000 per month


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