Product Manager

Job description

See our general introduction of the Product team if you haven't yet.

We are looking for a Product Manager that knows their way around a technical context. You'll start with a very intensive training to get you up to speed in our specific context of solar system engineering. You will help us in the move to a more empowered team setup. We have been using the Shape Up way of working for over a year now, but are missing someone inside the team that is responsible for making sure that solutions are valuable to our clients and viable for our business.

You will start on a specific product, that what we call Monitoring. After installation solar panel systems are monitored to protect their owners against failing technology which could ruin their investment. Monitoring provides a great part of the service that our clients – solar panel installers – can deliver following their initial sale, increasing their business value and their chance of referrals.

We look for someone that is eager to improve, both themselves as well as their teams and processes. Our setup is not perfect and we expect someone to be pragmatic and own the improvement of the team. You won't have direct reports though, you already have to manage the product :). You will of course have to deal with several stakeholders inside the company, like sales, operations and finance.

Note that we don't have a sufficient number of designers for our teams, so you are expected to contribute on that front in the beginning (say for half a year or so). You will be guided on that front by your manager, our Head of Product Casper, but are expected to provide enough details for the developers to be able to build. That does mean rolling up your sleeves and detail things in Figma!

Your job will be to

  • Solve the assigned problems, in ways that our customers love, yet that work for our business!

  • Do user research (both through user interviews as well as with qualitative analytics).

  • Produce product specifications in text and (rough) UI sketches.

  • Make sure your team focuses on delivering value (outcomes, not output).

  • Promote an agile mindset within the team.

  • Evangelise your product; align with internal stakeholders; gather relevant feedback and discuss opportunities.

  • Quality assurance of the work that is delivered by the team. (We don't yet have a dedicated QA role per team.)


You are welcome to apply until the 16th of May. When we think you are a fit based on motivation letter and resume, we'll plan a short phone call. If you pass the first 1-hour interview you'll receive a half-day take home exercise, that we'll discuss in a 2-hour follow up interview (in our The Hague office if possible). All interviews will be done in between the 17th and 27th of May, and we'll extend an offer before June.

Job requirements

We are looking for someone that:

  • Has several years experience as a product manager (or product owner).

  • Has an agile mindset and can show experience with incremental delivery.

  • Is result driven and likes working with objectives and key results (OKR’s). You know how to formulate sensible key results for products and how to measure them.

  • Can write well in English. You will need to be able structure thoughts and tell stories to align team members and stakeholders.

  • Speaks Dutch (the majority of our clients is still Dutch, although our non-Dutch client base is growing).