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Senior Frontend Engineer

RemoteDen Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands€52,000 - €80,000 per yearEngineering

Job description

Read our general introduction first if you haven't yet.

The Editor is the heart of our application and enables Solar installers to design and optimize their panel configurations. You will be working as the senior frontend engineer in the cross-functional team that builds, runs, and owns this Web App. Our front end is written in React & Redux, so hopefully, that excites you! However, our application isn’t too straightforward. It includes an advanced solar panel editor, built with HTML5 Canvas and overlayed on a Leaflet map that shows high-resolution aerial photographs. We even correct for view angle distortions in those photos! You will be helping out by adding new features and maintaining and improving the existing functionality. But also coach more junior team members and contribute to (re)architecting the application to support the fast-growing user base.


The envisioned salary range for this position is €52-80k per year (excluding 8% holiday pay), depending on experience. Besides that, we offer Stock Appreciation Rights and a 4% learning budget. You’ll get an Apple Macbook Pro (M2!) to work on.

Job requirements

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a front-end team player and mentor who can create amazing new user interfaces and improve existing ones. You have proven experience with frontend frameworks and architectures, and sharing knowledge and coaching more junior team members comes naturally to you. Oh and you need to be living in Europe or be willing to relocate to the Netherlands for us to be able to hire you.

Required skills

  • You have 6+ years of experience with frontend technologies and javascript frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular.
  • You are proficient in dealing with frontend state solutions like Redux and Mobx.
  • You can design and (re)architect large-scale frontend apps.
  • You have experience with container-based deployment.
  • You can work with a diverse group of people. You’re not a rock star or code-ninja; you’re a human of some form 🙂.
  • You can clearly outline your thoughts about a technical solution in written form (and diagrams are always a bonus!)
  • You actively engage with others to optimize processes and reduce bottlenecks.
  • You can pick up new things quickly.
  • You want to work 32 to 40 hours a week.

The application process


Please go through the button on the right and let us know:

  • Who you are.
  • Why you? What will you bring to Solar Monkey?
  • Why this job post and not another?
  • What relevant (for us) work have you done. Preferably something you are excited about.

Please limit it to 500 words or so.

Phone screen

If your application is clear and matches what we have in mind, we will call you for a short (20m) phone call. If it isn’t, we will let you know by email, if possible, with some helpful feedback about the reason for rejection.

1-hour interview

This is a remote interview with two developers from our side. We will discuss your background and experience and leave some room for questions from your side.

Take home exercise

In preparation for the final interview we ask you shortly architect and build a solution using a take home exercise and send that to us.

2-hour interview

In this (real-life or remote) session, we will discuss the problem you tackled earlier and dive into how you solved it, why you solved it that way, and what you have learned from it.

Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
€52,000 - €80,000 per year


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